Mitsubishi FUSO USA Truck Parts Catalog EPC Software Download

Format: ISO (zipped)
Version: 4.01
Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Language: USA English

This Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) software covers Mitsubishi FUSO USA Truck Models through 2010 – FE FG FH FK FM

Updated through 12/2010. Contains factory Mitsubishi illustrations and part numbers. Look up parts by model number. Includes installation password.

Please note: This is a dealer-issued software and knowledge of electronic parts catalogs may be required to correctly operate it. We can only provide basic installation support.

Installation Instructions



  1. Install Virtual Clone Drive (see instructions)
  2. Download the FUSO EPC zip file and unzip it to your desktop. The resulting files will be a .ISO file and “password.txt”
  3. Right-click the .ISO file and choose “Mount (Virtual Clone Drive)”
  4. Now that the ISO file is mounted as a virtual CD/DVD, navigate to it in Windows Explorer or My Computer. The drive will have the label “VOLH30320.” The drive letter will vary. Double click to explore.
  5. Inside CD/DVD folder, navigate to the WINCAPS2 folder. Double-click and run “Setup.exe
  6. At the installation prompt, enter the password provided to you in the text file “password.txt”
  7. Choose an installation directory and click “Install”
  8. A settings menu will open. Keep the default settings and click “OK”. Your virtual CD/DVD drive will be automatically detected.
  9. Open your Start Menu, select All Programs -> Mitsubishi FUSO CAPS to run the software. Alternatively, in Vista, 7, 8, 10 you can search for “FUSO” and the program icon will show in your Start Menu.
  10. After entering your model information and/or VIN number, double-click the text box next to the words “Illustration” to open the visual catalog.
  11. This concludes the installation process. For further help or program usage questions, contact

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