1984-1985 Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter FM FK Truck Service Manual PDF Download

Format: PDF
Pages: 489
Compatible with: Windows/Mac/Tablet/Phone

Covers: 1984-1985 Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter FM, FK Series Trucks

  • FK415_ – 50001 and up
  • FK455_ – 50001 and up
  • FM515_ – 50001 and up

Region: World (LHD/RHD)

Downloadable PDF service manual for ’84-’85 FUSO FK and FM trucks listed. Wiring diagrams are not included.

Topics List:

  • General Information
    • General view, Precautions for service operations, Service standards, Bolt and nut tightening torque specifications, Special tools, Troubleshooting
  • Clutch
    • Clutch proper, Clutch control, Clutch booster
  • Transmission
    • Transmission proper, Gear shifter case, Transmission control, Transmission PTO
  • Propeller Shaft
    • Propeller shaft, Center bearing, Universal joint
  • Rear Axle
    • Rear axle, Reduction and differential, Hub bearing
  • Front Axle
    • Front axle, Kingpin, Knuckle, Tie rod
  • Wheel And Tire
    • Disc wheel
  • Steering
    • Steering wheel, Steering gear, Power steering booster, Power steering oil pump, Steering linkage
  • Vacuum Servo Hydraulic Brake
    • Brake pedal, Master cylinder, Hydromaster
  • Air Over Hydraulic Brake
    • Dual brake valve, Airmaster
  • Wheel Brake
    • Brake drum, Wheel cylinder, Brake shoe
  • Parking Brake
    • Parking brake drum, Brake shoe , Parking brake control
  • Inspection of Frame
  • Suspension
    • Front suspension, Rear suspension, Leaf spring
  • Engine Control
    • Accelerator pedal, Control, Stop button
  • Cab
    • Cab complete, Door, Window glass
  • Electrical Equipment
    • Meter, Gauge, Switch, Lamp, Warning & Indicator lamp
  • Harness Layout

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